The Visual Arts Group, Inc. has entered its 21st year of providing award-winning excellence in business communications. The Visual Arts Group is a "results-oriented" video production company founded to develop innovative marketing, training, and educational programs. Our major strength is our people. The Visual Arts Group is a team of dedicated, creative individuals who believe your success is our success. The combined experience of our production staff and our creative use of technology bring unique value to our productions. The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania conducted a major research study on print versus video. Their conclusions showed that a well-produced video increases information retention by 50% and speeds-up buying decisions by 72% over a printed image.
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We specialize in high impact videos with stunning visuals and a strong, effective message. The purpose of your video is to entice, not overwhelm with detailed information and we deliver. Sales and Marketing videos support your product literature and sales staff with trackable results. Marketing videos are easily viewed directly from your web site, at sales presentations, conferences, trade shows or special events. Utilizing today's modern video streaming technology, you can deliver a highly effective sales presentation anywhere, anytime and anyplace. We specialize in producing broadcast-quality sales and marketing videos. Our clients include medical, service, educational, manufacturing and high-tech industries.
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Effective training begins with one primary element: video. Video combines the words, moving images, music, and effects that bring your presentation to life. Video elements are recommended for all types of training presentations. Our corporate video production facility specializes in the planning, filming, multimedia production, digital film editing and encoding of broadcast quality programs across a wide range of disciplines and industries.
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